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Sarika Ventures Private Limited

Our story began in 2017,  Today, we are a leading manufacturer of packaging and processing dates products. Our world-class facility is located in Noida and is the definition of technological advancement. We have a team of women who work really hard to provide the best quality products that can reach you, this is where we are promoting woman empowerment. We have dedicated dates sorting, washing, packaging lines, and state-of-the-art dates sugar, seed powder, and fiber production lines.

Given our rapidly-growing factory size and highly advanced technology, we can cater to our individual client’s needs and requirements.

Sarika Ventures Private Limited provides three main facilities for packing and processing dates products. We continually upgrade our technology and processes, investing in new equipment and looking for opportunities to innovate. Our employees are thoroughly committed to quality, safety, and customer service. Our facilities are strategically located to ensure that dates products get from us to markets worldwide as quickly as possible.

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