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Story Sarika Ventures

Sarika Agrawal (The Founder of the company) with a spectacular vision for her business, set up a business in the food industry. In 2017, She started off with making high-quality packaged foods and goods. During this time, she started her business in cold pressed oils but still it is because in her early age she saw her parents suffering from chronical diabetes so she identified the need of having an alternative to sugar that is healthy. Sarika took to reading on substitute of sugar and found dates fruit which is the ultimate substitute of sugar. It is nutritious and significant, as dietary fiber that helps your body to absorb carbs at a slower pace, which is important for people with diabetes. That is where she wanted to tap into dates product market and hence offer different consumables like: Dates powder, Chopped Dates, Dates Seed Powder, Dates Fiber, etc. This discovery led Sarika and her son, Shriyansh Agrawal, to set up Sarika Ventures Pvt. Ltd., which offers products under the brand line Saanjh.


Are you trying to reduce your sugar intake? Us too. Whether you want to drop a few pounds or reduce your risk of heart disease/diabetes, going sugar-free or at least swapping the refined stuff for sugar substitutes, like honey or monk fruit can have major health benefits, but not all natural sweeteners are created equal. Some are super-high in calories.

Others have strange after-tastes or will send your blood sugar levels through the roof which is not good. That’s where Dates Powder enters, We love dates powder so much because it is relatively unprocessed when compared to other sweeteners.

Our main goal is to invest in everyone and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best quality of Dates Products. People looking for a nutritious and delicious alternative to refined sugar can find exactly what they need from Saanjh. Conclusion, To encourage people to substitute sugar with Dates Powder for a healthy lifestyle.


Our vision has always been to embrace change and put health at first place. This is why we are providing wide range of dates products for a healthy life. We, at Saanjh have always taken a dynamic approach to our work. One of the important moves that demonstrates our vision is to provide valuable, efficient solutions with enthusiasm, experience, teamwork, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction.

Our vision is to become one of the strongest and largest Manufacturing Company.

Our Core Values

Saanjh aims to become the most premium Dates products manufacturer in India by 2024 with an expansive distribution network and quality products available in the Indian market for Dates Products. Saanjh envisions to become one of the largest integrated Manufacturing and packaging company in India.  


We take pride in providing high-quality products and services that we stand behind. It ensures complete customer satisfaction, zero-defect products and high integrity.


We offer delicious varieties of date fruit Products, which you can use in your daily diet in so many ways.​


We value everyone and treat our people with dignity and professionalism.


Our strength lies in group of woman that we have, working in collaboration as a team and supporting each other every day. Our team has been working hard to ensure you get the best from our products, with our focus on the quality.​


Dates products are the healthiest choice, they are high in several nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants, all of which may provide health benefits ranging from improved digestion to a reduced risk of disease.
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