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Super Mix

100% natural dates with no added sugar

Super Mix

Super Mix

Super Mix is a drink that firms up your body and makes you feel energized. Use Super Mix for a simple and effective way to rejuvenate your body through the intake of fats and proteins. This super-effective drink does not rely on specific diets or exercise programs, but instead focuses on natural extracts that improve everyday health.​

Brown Dates Powder/chopped dates/Dates Fiber/Dates Seed Powder​

How I was Born?

Super Mix is a nutritious porridge made from whole grain barley flour powder, dry dates powder, almond powder and cashew powder that contains essential macro and micronutrients for a healthy breakfast. Super Mix is not just another weight loss program, but a complete and powerful antioxidant formula designed to make you feel energy and full of life.​

Why Super Mix?

  • Super Mix for constipation:​

Super Mix contains both soluble and insoluble fiber that will be helpful for gut health and improve the bowel or digestive system. Adding this product to your diet regularly can help you feel fuller, lower your blood sugar and cholesterol, decrease the risk of colon cancer, promote regularity and give you more energy.​

  • Helps reduce depression: Feel relaxed and calm:

Minerals such as magnesium, zinc and amino acid help lower depression, anxiety, stress and anger. Super Mix contains these minerals that may help in reducing symptoms of depression. Therefore, Super Mix is recommended during sad events to soothe the depressed heart and help to get into a positive mode. Primarily, it is healthy food for elders’ mental health.​

  • A healthy diet Super Mix for weight loss:​

In order to lose weight, you need to first overcome your unhealthy habit of eating. The lack of a balanced diet is the main factor for obesity. Therefore, if you have decided to lose weight, I highly recommend you start with a regular daily intake of Super Mix for weight loss.​

  • Helpful for lowering cholesterol:​

Super Mix is a soluble fiber supplement that helps in decreasing bad cholesterol and controlling blood sugar levels to prevent heart diseases.​

  • Protect your skin from aging:​

It has been said that an antioxidant in Super Mix protects your skin from aging and impurities. This antioxidant protects from damaging skin cells and provides nourishing skin even in your 30s.​

Brown Dates Benefits

Where can you use me?

  • Protein Shake
  • Consume it with water
  • adding it to warm milk​
  • Super Mix Smoothie
  • Bowl
  • Desserts.​
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