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100% Neutral, Premium Quality,
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Say Yes to Dates,

No to Sugar

Easy to Use as Sweetner, But with the Benefits of Natural Dates

Dates Powder/Dates Sugar is highly nutritious as it is made from 100% natural dates with no added sugar. A sugar that doesn’t spike your sugar levels. A sugar you can actually savour on.

Dates are long recognized as a sweet snack, loaded with nutritional benefits. In the ingredient industry, a newer application for the dates fruit is dates powder.  

Our Dates Products

Our Wide Range of Products made Entirely from Natural Dates

Dates Powder

Dates Powder /

Dates Sugar

Dates Powder / Dates Sugar

Dates Powder / Dates Sugar is highly nutritious as it is made from 100% natural dates with no added sugar. A sugar that doesn’t spike your sugar levels. A sugar you can actually savour on.
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Chopped Dates

Chopped Dates

Chopped Dates

Chopped Dates are made of pitted dates that are carefully selected from fresh premium quality crops of the year. We provide 100% pure and natural dates with no preservatives and colors.
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Super Mix

Almond Powder

Almond Powder

Almond Powder is a versatile ingredient that not only adds a delicious nutty flavour to your dishes but also provides a myriad of health benefits. Packed with essential nutrients, Almond Powder is a convenient and nutritious addition to your daily diet.
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date paste factory sarika ventures

Dates Paste

Dates Paste

Dates Paste is a nutrient rich product that is made from the dates fruit. Dates Paste contains high levels of calcium and iron, as well as other minerals such as potassium, magnesium and amino acids.
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Dates Seed Powder

Dates Seed Powder

Dates Seed Powder

Dates Seed Powder is made from seeds of Original Dates. Keeping the quality in mind, Saanjh uses the utmost hygienic facilities and state-of-the-art facilities to prepare Dates Seed Powder.
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Date Syrup

Dates Sugar Syrup

Dates Syrup

Our Date Syrup is crafted from pure dates, utilizing a meticulous process that involves extracting the natural sweetness from dates.
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We are delighted to present our company as a trusted supplier of premium dates sugar. With successful deliveries of over 1000 tons of date sugar to renowned brands such as Happa Food, Urban Platter, and The Whole Truth, we are eager to explore new partnership agreements in a professional manner.

Advantages of Partnering with Us

Tailored Solutions

Understanding your specific bakery needs and offering customized date sugar solutions to suit your recipes.

Competitive Pricing

Offering competitive and flexible pricing options to support your business growth.

Potential Collaboration:

Exploring potential collaboration models, such as exclusive supply agreements or joint product development ventures.

Consistent Supply

Ensuring a steady and reliable supply of high-quality date sugar to meet your production demands.

Additional Support:

Discussing additional support we can provide, such as marketing materials, recipe development assistance, and product training.


Sarika Ventures

  • Sarika Agrawal (The Founder of the company) with a spectacular vision for her business, set up a business in the food industry.​
  • In 2017, She started off by making high-quality packaged foods and goods.
  • During this time, she started her business in cold pressed oils but, since in her early age she saw her parents suffering from chronical diabetes, she identified the need of having an alternative to sugar that is healthy. ​
  • Sarika took to reading on substitutes for sugar and found dates fruit which is the ultimate substitute for sugar. ​
  • It is nutritious and significant, as dietary fiber, that helps your body to absorb carbs at a slower pace, which is important for people with diabetes. ​
  • That is where she wanted to tap into dates product market and hence offering different consumables like: Dates powder, Chopped Dates, Dates Seed Powder, Dates Fiber, etc. ​
  • This discovery led Sarika and her son, Shriyansh Agrawal, to set up Sarika Ventures Pvt. Ltd., which offers products under the brand line Saanjh.
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