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Pros and Cons of Dates Sugar

Dates Sugar

All you need to know about Dates Sugar!

Date Sugar is the hottest new product in the world of natural sweeteners. Dates Sugar is made out of dried dates and it is less processed than other conventional sugars. It adds a rich sweetness to your recipes with one-third lower calories than sugar.

It tastes like brown sugar and works very well in cooking and baking recipes. It has an undertaste of Butterscotch and adds a rich malty taste to your dishes.

Let’s look at some of the Pros and Cons of Dates Sugar

Dates Sugar | Kharik Powder Glycemic Index 24 

Looking for a healthy natural sugar alternative?

Meet dates Sugar – is the perfect sweetener for coffee, tea, and baking.

Made from Khariks, this sugar has a rich, molasses-like flavor that adds a unique depth to any dish. Plus, it’s a great way to reduce sugar intake without sacrificing taste.

So go ahead and enjoy your favorite foods without guilt – dates Sugar is here to help you indulge guilt-free!


Fructose sugar is present in dates.

Khareek Powder is a source of fructose, a natural sugar in fruit.

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