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Is Dates Sugar better than Jaggery, Honey, or Sugar

Dates Sugar

Which is healthier date Sugar or sugar?

It is important to note that although dates are high in fiber and nutrients, they are still fairly high in calories and best consumed in moderation. Dates are a healthy substitute for white sugar in recipes due to their sweet taste, nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants.

Is date sugar better than jaggery?

Jaggery is also a good alternative to reduce your sugar intake, but in addition to being a high-fiber and protein food, dates also contain several types of antioxidants that can help prevent heart disease and cancer. So, instead of jaggery, it’s better to join team dates.


Is date sugar healthier than honey?

A tablespoon of date Sugar contains more than twice the potassium, calcium, and magnesium levels of honey, with up to 10 times the antioxidants. Refined sugar has none of that.

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